Sustainable Bags with Recovery Fabrics

Sustainable Bags

At Labolsina we design sustainable bags with respect for the environment. Discover all the creativity we put into using reclaimed materials that have been made for another purpose. We like to face these challenges to create unique pieces. We work with a very exploratory approach to bag design. In essence, we study what the various materials allow us to do while always satisfying all the needs for a bag that is resistant and captivating.

Our sustainable bags are the result of a study on how to use materials in the best way. This study makes the process very creative and innovative. What all our designs have in common is a minimalist structure and a practical design focused on the utmost attention to every little detail. We love what we do and every item has been lovingly crafted from recycled materials.

Visit our shop and buy one of our exclusive sustainable bags , the fabrics used by Labolsina are available in limited quantities and are no longer in production. That's why every Labolsina is synonymous with exclusivity. These are precious bags, handcrafted in Italy.

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Bags with Recovery Fabrics

Labolsina was born from an idea of ​​Margherita Vaghi, with the idea of ​​creating bags with recycled fabrics once destined to furnish luxury hotels all over the world. Thanks to this idea, the Couture universe and the easy to wear philosophy merge. By visiting our online shop you will notice that all Labolsina models have a name that always begins with the article "La". This is to reinforce the concept that Labolsina is not just a bag, but the bag, unique and special like the woman who chooses it.

Our bags with recycled fabrics preserve the history and give new life to the fabrics used in hotel furnishings since the 70s. This makes Labolsina an innovative and distinctive brand with a design characterized by a melting pot of different experiences and cultures. Even the name Labolsina is a hybrid, it is in fact composed of the word Bolso (bag in Spanish) which was Italianized precisely in Labolsina.

The bags with recycled fabrics by Labolsina are unique pieces that tell the story of these luxury fabrics and give them a new life. Visit our online shop now and discover all the bags available, but hurry, they are limited pieces!

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