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Labolsina: from hotel furnishings since the 70s to the Couture universe and the Easy to Wear philosophy

by Agnese Viva Digital 11 Aug 2022

Labolsina is an eco-sustainable brand whose main objective is to dress the women of Italy with taste and green consciousness .

Buying a Labolsina bag is a gesture of love towards the planet . All those who are sensitive to these issues and share an ecological and eco-sustainable lifestyle cannot help but notice that Labolsina is the most fashionable sustainable brand of bags at the moment .

Labolsina designs and produces its bags based on the quality and quantity of the raw material available, there are no factory waste or excess production: each bag is a unique piece !

From the very first moment, the philosophy that has accompanied the founder of the brand in the search for raw materials has been to seek out fine fabrics that have unfortunately been discarded or forgotten.

Starting from the premise that no quality product is destined for a short life, Labolsina has reused the fabrics of the upholstery of Italian luxury hotels from the 70s , which through a process of cleaning and revitalization have been brought back to their state of maximum splendour .

Labolsina is a luxury bag that is easy to wear

Dressing Italian women with taste but above all practicality and serenity . Labosina bags have been designed to accompany women and very young girls, both during a walk downtown with friends and during an important occasion , a degree or a wedding.

The fact that each bag is covered with a fine fabric means that anyone can appreciate the beauty and quality at a glance. Quality does not mean seriousness, in fact the play of prints and colors play down everything allowing you to wear it even at the beach during the sultry summer Sundays.

Have you ever heard of Easy to Wear fashion? Probably not. The big fashion magazines don't deal too much with this theme, even if it could be the one that best represents Italian fashion today. Easy to Wear literally means " easy to wear ". With this term we want to coin all the combinations , the outfits , the must have items of a wardrobe to be used every day . Easy to Wear also means " friendly", that is something that puts you at ease or that garment you would choose because it makes you feel comfortable .

If you reflect yourself in these premises, Labolsina is the easy-to-wear bag that's right for you!

Labolsine not to be missed

These warm months have fueled the hype for short-shoulder arm canvas or fabric tote bags . If you were still looking for them, Labolsina has everything you want: Lamarchè with colored tassels to make the whole beach jealous; Large striped RGB Lamarchè to carry everything you need for a summer tan without sunburn; Lamchè salmon ; Lamarché azure . Those who do not want to leave anything at home are better off taking advantage of the capacity of the IAMBIG , while those who want only the essentials with them are better off opting for the Lamerchè XS .

The more minimal Easy to Wear looks have the perfect match with plain colored fabric bags such as Lalongue Brown , RossoValentino or Total Black .

Visit the Labolsina website to discover many other bags to match your easy look .

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