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Trend Of The Moment: Ecological Bags Discover them on Labolsina

by Agnese Viva Digital 18 Aug 2022

Dressing green and sustainably has never been easier.

If you really want to respect the environment as much as possible, we advise you to read this article to the end. Here you will find practical advice on how to approach a new style of shopping : Ecological and Sustainable Shopping.

The constant production of new objects and products to be placed on the market is the main source of pollution. Purchasing handcrafted bags with second-hand materials is ideal if you don't intend to leave any kind of environmental footprint.

But dressing in a green and sustainable way doesn't mean buying cheap products. Recycling a material requires time to devote, tools to use and knowledge to employ.

Labolsina respects this philosophy, for this reason it only produces bags made through the reuse of fabrics from luxury hotel upholstery and 100% Italian leather.

Labelle, Labijoux and Laovalina 3 models of eco-sustainable bags that cannot be missing from your wardrobe

Eco-sustainable bags don't just mean vegan bags or canvas tote bags. In this article we talk about structured bags , similar to those you might encounter in the windows of big names. What we put in is the knowledge of craftsmanship and love and respect for the environment .

The bijoux is a single-color shoulder bag characterized by a lively geometric game created with the combination of two types of fabric: canvas and eco leather. In addition, the finishes and the shoulder strap are made with hand-sewn genuine leather . A small bag jewel capable of containing everything needed for a make-up touch-up. Labijoux is available in the colors : Black , Bleu , Brown and Gray .

Labelle is a rigid bag, or rather a trunk with a twist lock. The light blue version comes from the combination of fine horsehair fabric with genuine leather. The whole interior is lined with suede. The shoulder strap can reach a maximum length of 56 cm up to double shortening it to 27 cm. While, Labelle fiori is created with lampas fabric coupled with bright orange genuine leather that highlights the beauty of the fabric.

Green everywhere: walking the dog, at the beach or at work

We often happen to hear people who, almost inappropriately, make extensive use of these terms just to prove themselves trendy and cool, as the use of this type of terminology now represents a status, a fashion. However, there are some companies that ecological processing and the reuse of waste materials are the founding prerogatives of their production.

Labolsina is not only fashion, but it is the bag that you can wear every day, for example, taking your dog for a walk with Lacarry and Lapet , or at work with the coolest diamond-patterned computer case ever and the weekend at the beach with I Am Big and Lameg2.0 or Lamerchè trimmings or salmon .

To find out more about the Labolsina philosophy, visit the website!

Don't miss out on the latest opportunities for sustainable online shopping.

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