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Graduation gift ideas: give a Made in Italy sustainable bag

by Agnese Viva Digital 20 May 2022

There are moments in life that we won't soon forget. Moments in which happiness and joy reign supreme; emotions that unite us and that make our lives beautiful. One of these moments is the graduation day. To crown this moment of pride and satisfaction, we at Labolsina are presenting today some of our bags, perfect as gift ideas to leave your new doctor speechless and trace an indelible memory of this beautiful moment.

Yes, because if it is true that this will be one of those days that you will remember for years to come, it is also true that an unpleasant (and often tedious) headache often arises: what to get the new doctor as a graduation present? We have the solution for you, and now let's try to give you some advice on how to find the right one for you.

Let's start with the most important part: the reason. What is the meaning of giving a bag for a graduation? Giving a bag means care, respect and attention to the details that the recent graduate likes, that is, to her way of dressing, her way of having fun, of living.

Giving a Labolsina as a gift means saying "you are unique and precious", just like the fabrics with which they are made.

Let's find out together the most popular Labolsina gifts for graduation.

The Lalong collection

Pay attention to what she's wearing (especially what colors) and if the new doctor intends to continue her studies, this Lalong bag could be the perfect solution for her. It is a bag to carry by hand or on the shoulder. It is very convenient for carrying books, pen holders and a notebook for notes. With its dimensions it can also contain a PC up to 15 inches. Each model is unique, eco-sustainable and made in Italy. The Lalong model in particular is offered in several colours: Lalong red valentino, blue, brown, grey, total black.

Laser-cut and then worked in a high-frequency process, velvet and alcantara come together in a spectacular, high-quality product that makes your gift even more special: a sustainable and unique gift.

The Labijou Collection

There is also another model of bags that we recommend, and they are those from the Labijou collection.

These are bags to be carried by hand, on the shoulder or across the body. Also for this model, the front panel is a diamond pattern, which during the creative process is the one that goes best with the icons of the two materials. These bags also have an inside pocket and a removable shoulder strap.

They are available in Gray, Black, Blue, Total Black and Red versions, all of which can be purchased from our website.

How do you know which one to take among the options we have listed? The Labolsina are designed to coordinate with many styles and looks, for this reason we also have smaller and more versatile models , suitable for every day. One thing is sure, by giving an eco-sustainable bag in fine fabric, you won't go wrong and it will become an indispensable accessory for the doctor who receives it.

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