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Made in Italy in times of crisis

by Alma Jarauta 11 Mar 2020 24 Comments

This period of pause and change for Italy has made us reflect a lot on how society is changing. The speed at which our daily life unfolds, the great choice that the market has created perhaps pushes us to no longer have a sense of tradition in the land of traditions.

Italy is a country that breathes craftsmanship, crafts handed down from generation to generation, the country and its culture have been masters for many craftsmen and women craftswomen.

In this moment in which Italy and its product has been targeted, we want to attach importance to the preservation of these values, which are more important than ever for us and for everyone.

We would like to enhance the gift of tradition that for centuries many families have kept and taught their children and grandchildren to bring unique crafts and products born in this wonderful country to the present day.

Risotto is a dish by now known and cooked worldwide. It can be found not only in Italy, but everywhere we go. The cultivation of this cereal has persisted over the years thanks in large part to Italian women. The rice fields of Vercelli saw its weeders arrive every year as early as May for the sowing of rice. With care they raised it and stayed away from their families until the beginning of July. The weeders were women who worked at least twelve hours to complete the production of rice in Italy. They prepared the land, cared for it with their hands immersed in water for half a day and then harvested the rice, a job that is currently done by machines. Their sacrifice has preserved over time, where machines did not exist, a product that is now a symbol of Italy, a product that, when you eat it, takes you back to your nation, to your country full of colours, flavors and unique traditions.

The importance of preserving Italian manufacturing today means giving a future to our country, but also to our children and grandchildren. Made in Italy has been and must always be a symbol of excellence for everyone. 

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