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Bag In Precious Recycled Fabrics. Why Choose Labolsina

by Agnese Viva Digital 10 Jun 2022

When it comes to buying a bag or an accessory, we often look at every detail: the material of which the object is made, the price that is offered to us and the exclusivity that this product brings with it.

Today on the market there are millions of brands, models and materials to choose from; so why should a person choose a Labolsina ?

Simple! Because an eco-sustainable bag like a Labolsina is a gesture of love for yourself and for the planet.

There are many reasons and to find out you have to read this article, where starting from our values ​​and our history we will explain why our brand is so particular and sought after.

High Quality and Exclusivity

About 12 years ago, our founder and creative director Margherita Vaghi kicked off the Labolsina project. From the outset, the aim was to recover unused fine fabrics , which once should have been used to furnish luxury hotels, and give them a new function, a new life.

In particular, our flagship products are bags of various types, in limited editions and 100% made in Italy .

To further underline the uniqueness of the product, each model name is preceded by the article La, which, as the founder of Labolsina explains, is a way to underline the uniqueness of the product.

A bag can be found everywhere, but a high quality bag that respects the environment and is made entirely in Italy with such strong and firm ethical and emotional values ​​is rare to find.

Since this brand was born in 2010, our techniques for making bags and accessories have significantly refined: the fabrics used are unique and exclusive for each product, they are laser cut with a unique high-frequency process.

All this takes place in a clean and meticulous way by finely working each fabric following the recovery philosophy.

The two characteristics that come closest to describing our products are high quality and exclusivity:

in fact, the fabrics we work have not been in production for years and this means that whoever wears Labolsina in the end will be the only one in the world who can show off those unobtainable fabrics.

This is why exclusivity is guaranteed , always with respect for the environment.

Every measure, for every need

Another peculiarity of Labolsina are the different types of bags it offers from shoulder bags , shoppers and pochettes .

Labolsina also offers accessories such as computer holders, home accessories and clothing .

Sometimes wardrobes are filled with a thousand products and accessories that we use once or twice at most. These purchases not only make us lose our savings, but we are not satisfied and fueled a continuous and forced global production that leads to waste of disproportionate quantities: instead we should stop and reflect on the role that each of us has in the environment and for the 'environment.

If we manage to respect the environment and wear something that we like and that is exclusive, we will not only have made a good purchase, but the perfect purchase.

Bring personality and sustainability with you. Take them to a Labolsina!

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