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Fabric Clutch Bag: A Must Have For Summer Find Out How To Match It

by Agnese Viva Digital 01 Jul 2022

Summer has arrived and with it all our new fabric pochette models.

Discover now the perfect one for you and how to combine it with your summer look.

The pochette is already the trend for summer 2022: light, practical and elegant, it is perfect for summer outings or evenings with friends.

Some curiosities about clutch bags

The term pochette can indicate three distinct objects: the accessory similar to a miniature handbag (the one we are referring to in this article), a very small violin typical of the 1700s or the men's pochette, i.e. the so-called pocket handkerchief that is used in elegant men's suits.

Pochette means pocket and the term is reminiscent of a small container where you can put your coins or valuables.

It can be held in three ways: in the hand, under the arm and on the wrist.

Holding it in hand is the most common way and it gives a lot of elegance to the whole outfit. You need good poise to maximize your charm. This is also the way recommended by etiquette: pochette in the left hand, so that the right hand is always free.

If you keep the clutch under your arm instead, count that you can also think of a larger model. Obviously it will be less light and more difficult to carry around.

One thing is clear: a pochette is not a handbag for every day, you need to choose different models of bags for the whole day. The pochette in general should be used for evenings or outings with friends.

For a hygienic matter, the pochettes should never be placed on any surface ; if there is any way, just in case you can hang them somewhere. It can however be held between the legs or behind the back when sitting.

Lamonedera Collection

Labolsina offers various models of summer pochettes , which combine fabrics and patterns in two detachable sachets that can be used individually as, for example, a coin purse. Lamonedera Double lampas light blue combines fantasy and elegance, made partly in leather and partly in Rubelli lampas fabric . As in all other models, the chain shoulder strap can be detached and attached.

The dimensions are the same as any other Lamonedera model: 20cm by 15cm.

Another very beautiful and daring model is Lamonedera Doublòe Missrosso , made half in leather and half in fabric. It has a very particular pattern that recalls the ancient textures of fine fabrics and fabrics . For those looking for a more "vintage" model, we offer Lamonedera PF Blu , in the colours: yellow, blue, orange, white and red. It is a very particular article that will leave anyone who sees it speechless. Satisfaction guaranteed Labolsina.

When thinking about which clutch to buy, consider two things: your personal tastes and your style. It is important that you like the clutch and that it matches your outfit, to make you stand out even more and give you a decisive touch of style.

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