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5 Style Ideas To Best Match Bags And Clothes

by Agnese Viva Digital 25 Jul 2022

We are at the turn of summer and the most famous beaches in Italy have become the new catwalks to show off the trendiest looks of the SS22 . Celebrities have already launched themselves on social networks with the most original combinations .

In this article we will help you find ideas for the perfect outfit to match your Labolsina ! You just have to choose.

Total White, Coordinated Sets and Crochet

White has been baptized as the color of summer 2022 . There is no story, the fashion houses have created sensational dresses in all shades of white , ash , dirty , optical and ecru . Furthermore, white is a summer color par excellence, it certainly brings us back to memories of walks through the alleys of Ostuni in Salento, the houses on the cliffs of Mykonos and the foam of the waves crashing on the shore.

This first look can be combined with tops , trousers , chemisers and pencil skirts , where the monochrome white is enriched by jewels, metallic gold details, or as in our case by Labolsina in multicolored fabric .

Let's talk about coordinated sets . In other words, Timeless!

After all, how is it possible to hate their versatility? In cotton , linen or silk , they just need to do their job, that is to remove any doubts about the outfit in just a few minutes. Famous fashion companies give us two more look proposals :

The coordinated solid color sets or, Tie-Dye . The most canonical remain those made up of Shirt and Shorts , Skirt and Crop Top.

We can't help but notice the style proposal present in the collections of all the major chains: a full length crochet dress. Simple but varied with weaves , cut outs , slits and much more.

After all, it's the details that make the difference!.

Finally, the fifth look of the very young girls! We know that they often enjoy combining their favorite denim jeans with a super colorful balconette top , preferably with shoulder pads. All accompanied by an open lacquered sandal with heel. Don't be shy, at least 5 cm to give an impetus to the evening!.

Convenient and fast choice for those who are left behind with makeup and wigs.

Labolsina always in step with fashion

Time passes, vintage doesn't! This great return to the 70s is due to the love and research of the Labolsina staff for the finest Made in Italy vintage fabrics around. So why not combine an always fashionable Labolsina with our outfit ? Whether it's for a special occasion or a relaxing day at the beach !?

Lashopperona and Lalongue by Labolsina are the most suitable bags to accompany the summer must-haves of the SS22. Thanks to its large size, the shopperona allows you to always carry everything you need with you for a getaway to the sea or in the countryside. Lalongue , on the other hand, due to its monochrome fabric, is suitable for occasions such as dinners by the light of fireflies in the vineyard and lunches under the sea breeze.

The coordinated sets instead require a more elegant Labolsina like Labijou , available in a wide palette of colors !

Don't forget that for every trip out of town , La baulè R will be the Labolsina that will suit you best, elegant and classy. Its special texture is created by laser cutting a first layer of fabric coupled with a high frequency process to the second layer of eco leather.

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