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The Power of Color Analysis. Find out now, based on your season, the most suitable fabric bag for you.

by Agnese Viva Digital 15 Jul 2022

At Labolsina we care about how our beloved customers can conclude a purchase in the best way. In this regard, in this article we want to suggest a new technique for choosing the perfect bag to combine with your favorite items.

Have you ever heard of Armocromia?

It's a discipline that has recently become very popular among women, a secret that has allowed many to discover and underline their beauty with a simple gesture: choosing the right color.

In fashion and styling, Color Analysis has emerged as an analysis and study of color that allows you to choose the clothes and accessories that can best match your complexion and colors, eyes and hair.

This practice was born in 1800 within the Academy of Fine Arts of the Bauhaus in Berlin in Germany, of which a professor one day to agree to his students divided the vast range of colors for painting by "seasons"; since they dealt with the live painting of men and women, the professor matched each palette with the precise characteristics of eyes, nose and other details of the body .

To date this study of color has been perfected. Anyone can take an Armocromia test!

It's simple, you have to refer to the skin undertone and to three precise parameters:

  1. Temperature between warm-colors and cold-colors
  2. Intensity whether high or low
  3. The Color Value if light or dark

A Labolsina for every season of your skin

For each combination we at Labolsina have thought of a suitable bag for you!

In the presence of tones:

  1. Cold Winters refer to people with an olive, reddish, or porcelain-like complexion with black, dark brown hair, and black, brown, and green eyes. The main reference colors of this season are black, white and grey. In this case we would propose the combination of the following bag: Lamonedera black and white .
  1. Cold Summer for those with porcelain and rosy skin, light brown hair and blue , light blue or green eyes, we offer a pastel palette with blush shades . If these are your colors then Lagio Frange giallo and Lavic Bellgio are for you.
  1. Caldi Primavera is indicated for all those who have skin as warm as honey , which recalls peach colors or who have golden, auburn or golden brown hair and aqua green, brown or olive green eyes . The shades of color that can best highlight these somatic traits are certainly blue, apricot and cherry. As far as blue is concerned, we can suggest the Labelle model with the Light Blue pattern, for apricot instead Labelle fiori ; while the call of the cherry tree can come from Lalong Rosso Valentino , Lamaquillage Red Velvet flower and Lamaquillage red roses .
  1. Warm Autumn . For all colors with golden skin , ivory or amber tones ; with golden brown , mahogany , blond or red hair and brown , olive green or chestnut eyes the best palette is the one that refers to the colors of the autumn forest . The latter are taken up in our models: Lavic Verde , Lavic fringes purple , Lamonedera Double missverde , Lamonedera Double 1/1 green .

Passion for bags, fabrics and recycling!

All the color combinations of our Labolsine are due to the weaving of different fabrics , each of which has been carefully selected from our reference warehouses. Labolsina is in fact an eco-sustainable bag as its materials derive from furnishing upholstery fabrics recovered from the most luxurious hotels of the flourishing Italy of the 70s.

Each model has been designed for a specific occasion: a ceremony, dinner with friends, a trip to the sea... but like any bag, your Labolsina is an accessory that aims to adorn and enrich your outfit and your personality , to which wear it with ease on every occasion and you won't miss the mark!

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