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Discover Labolsina, Handmade Fabric Bags Made In Italy

by Agnese Viva Digital 14 Apr 2022

Our Labolsina brand was born from an intuition of Margherita Vaghi, the founder, in recycling fine fabrics previously used to furnish luxury hotels.

His passion for making quality products has been lovingly transferred to eco-chic, completely sustainable and handcrafted bags . Indeed, Labolsina offers unique, original and fashionable pieces.

But let's travel together to discover how this innovative idea was born, which immediately made our customers fall in love with it.

From the idea of ​​our founder Margherita

Why Labolsina?

This is a very special name for us: it comes from the Spanish word “bolso” (which means “bag”). This is because the idea of ​​Labolsina was born 7 years ago in Spain, where our founder Margherita got her inspiration. Upon his return, he noticed that the family business warehouse had grown dramatically. With over 60,000 meters of fabric, he then decided to avoid any waste by creating his own sustainable brand .

Our first model by Labolsina is still a best seller: the grey-black diamond fabric with more than 30 years of life is really liked by everyone! Subsequently we created various bags such as Labpad, perfect for the office, or Labshop; but also collaborations with important companies for which we offer customized models (an example is the production of a customized model for the launch of the Renault Twingo).

Our Labolsina bags are born with a story inside them, as if they already contained something. It is a set of values ​​that we want to convey to our customers. The love for the land in which we live and the passion for quality elements are the main ingredients of our philosophy.

The "no waste" philosophy, our mission

Margherita was born and raised among fabrics. His father's Domus Market company has always produced curtains, cushions, carpets and much more to furnish luxury hotels (Four Season and Baglioni Hotels are an example). Our main goal is therefore to recover discarded fabrics to give them a second life.

The “No waste” philosophy has been a winning move for the success of our brand. However, we don't simply follow the 'green' trend that is very fashionable nowadays but, for us at Labolsina, producing sustainable bags means avoiding unnecessary waste while protecting the environment for a better future. In fact, our brand has already been present on the market for over 10 years, thanks to the strong and clear message that we are able to convey in the hearts of consumers.

Labolsina bags are made with rather old fabrics and therefore the real challenge that our founder faces every day is to make them modern and original, and she succeeds flawlessly! He designs, cuts and sews, and then turns to an artisan family business that makes 100 pieces per model . Therefore, our production is 100% handmade and made in Italy : a further guarantee of quality and sustainability.

Manycollections are currently available on our website, all handcrafted and ecological. If you too want to make a difference by buying consciously, come and discover our eco-fashion world now!

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