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Unique models designed to measure by Labolsina for Otto Kids' Clothing Boutique

by Agnese Viva Digital 22 Apr 2022

 It is with great honor that we at Labolsina announce a creative collaboration with the Otto Kids' Clothing Boutique in Milan. On April 26, 2022 there will be the opening at Foro Buonaparte, 69 where you can see some models that we have tailor-made for them!


In 2010 the Labolsina brand was born, created by our founder and art director Margherita Vaghi .

After working in the advertising industry for several years, he decided to give life to his own project, trying to make a difference especially in terms of environmental impact. Well yes, Margherita had the intuition to recycle the fabrics discarded by the family business, which produces furnishing fabrics for luxury hotels, to make truly special bags .


 With the aim of avoiding waste, we at Labolsina offer our customers ecological and exclusive bags .

An ambitious and exciting vision, which has infected everyone's soul. The handcrafted models are in fact unique, just like the small pieces of fabric available in limited quantities that we retrieve from the warehouse. We enhance the beauty of recycled fabrics through innovative ideas, making them current and modern.

Since these are unique pieces, since the fabrics we use are no longer in production, Labolsina bags are a symbol of uniqueness . For this reason, the name of each bag always begins with the definite article "LA". You are wearing "THE" bag par excellence and not "A" bag!


Let's discover together the models that we have created exclusively for Otto Kids' clothing boutique:

Lamarchè and Lamarchè xs: simple and refined shoppers

 The classic Lamarchè bag was designed with the idea of ​​combining simplicity and sophistication.

A shopper with light lines, perfect for everyday life, but which is elegant at the same time.

Thanks to the finishing of the handles made of grosgrain ribbon we have given it a touch of class.

It is available in two colors: light blue and blue.

The fabrics deriving from the furnishings of the great Albergo delle Nazioni - Bari

The Lamarchè xs bag is instead a mini shopper, designed for girls who want to be similar to their mother. The distinctive element is found in the combination of the external fabric with that of the internal lining (which in the past was used to produce light curtains).



Lazainetta and Lazainetta xs: practical and comfortable backpacks

 The classic Lazainetta model has been created in a simple and practical way, in order to guarantee comfort on any occasion.

It is available in three different variants of the same fabric from the 80s, characterized by contrasting combinations with the zips.

The Lazainetta xs model is instead a miniature backpack for children, made with Manuel Canovas fabric, a toile de jouy that recalls shades of yellow.

We would like to underline that all the bags have been handcrafted by a tailoring workshop in Monza, which mainly produces wedding dresses.

If you want to see the models live, we are waiting for you on April 26, 2022 in Milan at Otto Kids' Clothing Boutique at Foro Buonaparte, 69!

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