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5 Style Ideas To Best Match Your New Cloth Bag

by Agnese Viva Digital 08 Jul 2022

In this article, we present the Labolsina models in fabric to keep up with the new summer trends. There 's more, in this article you can find 5 outfit suggestions to match your favorite Labolsina.

Summer has just begun! If you have already changed your wardrobe, you will have noticed which items are missing and which you absolutely must add to your cart.

The trolley is ready and you have already thought of the right outfits for a Sunday at the beach , a romantic evening at a restaurant and an aperitif with your usual friends . But have you really thought of everything?

Labolsina special to take you on holiday

If you love the sea, the beach or cycling, the Labolsina fabric bag is right for you! Among the latest 2022 beachwear trends, the oversized models with maxi volumes stand out, perfect for containing everything you need for a relaxing day at the beach.

Lameg 2.0 beach bags are totally waterproof thanks to their vintage fabric used in the 70s as a shower curtain. Its 50x43x15 cm capacity allows you to bring with you all the outfit changes you had thought of for the evening at the chiringuito on the beach such as the sarong you couldn't wait to wear and the colored pandant towel with your swimsuit .

Each Lameg 2.0 model is equipped with a pouch with contrasting zip where you can store your most sensitive effects to water and the sun.

If you like geometric games, you can find Lameg 2.0 Brown F , Brown O and Blue Chain in our online catalog, while lovers of vertical stripes in the Capri style bed will approve of the Lamarchè model.

For the followers of minimal we propose the Lamarchè xs model, after all, the bare essentials are enough!

There is also the Shopper version obtained from the recycling of our warehouse fabrics from 70s hotels throughout Italy. This model is made with the interweaving of three different types of fabrics finished in leather while the interior is lined in cotton.

For a comfortable and street outfit we recommend Lashopperona , large and super colorful. The most elegant version with narrow and limited dimensions is Lalongue , made with the same weave as its older sister but in a solid colour: Blue , Brown , Rosso Valentino , Total Black .

Speaking of pairings…

So far we have presented the Labolsina in line with the summer trend, that doesn't mean you can't wear them outside the beach! Each Labolsina is right for you...

1- Dinner with friends and then dance? Don't miss LastChance , the bowling bag with a fabric exterior in super fresh colors and a suede-lined interior. You can adjust the chain depending on how you want to wear it whether crossbody or single shoulder . Its twist lock is a vintage reference, which cannot be missing in a cocktail look.
2- Low slave sandals, dressed in broderie anglaise, ready for tasting in the vineyard! Wait missing Lavic Hms the Labolsina pochette made with the most prestigious fabrics .
    3- For university students who don't lack good taste even in class, Labolsina has thought of a line of 100% sustainable Limited Edition computer cases . Made with the same triple weave as the Shopper in a multicolor and monochrome version.
    4- Business dinner ? Do you want to compete with your colleagues' trendy handbags? Labijou is the right model. Its modern, minimal and elegant lines will give you the air of someone who hasn't thought too much about this look. Success assured with minimal effort, you can combine it with simple straight cut twill trousers , pointed leather sandals and finally a V-neck shirt .
    5- For a day out without plans , Lamodera Double is the right one for you. Both during the day and in the evening, its small size allows no margin for error. We are talking about a Mini pochette in fabric with leather interior, equipped with two envelopes that can be attached individually. Now missing: slippers , high-waisted linen trousers and your favorite shoulder shirt . Are you ready to leave?
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